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Everything Changes

The more messed up this world gets, the more God makes sense.


When I started reading Night by Elie Wiesel I thought I was taking a literary detour of sorts. I've been reading books on faith and Christianity and felt like I needed a diversion.

So much for THAT idea!

When Wiesel was 15, he and his family were forced by Nazis into a Jewish ghetto and then deported to Auschwitz. His mother and younger sister, Tzipora, were killed at Auschwitz. He and his father survived together for one year, but his father died shortly before American troops liberated the camp. Wiesel describes his experience during the Holocaust in Night.

During the days of selection, (where it was decided who among them would be sent to the crematory to be burned alive), many Jews lost their faith, declaring that God was no longer with them.

Referring to a Polish rabbi that turned his back on God, Wiesel says:
...if only he could have kept his faith in God, if only he could have considered this suffering a divine test, he would not have been swept away by the selection. But as soon as he felt the first chinks in his faith, he lost all incentive to fight and opened the door to death.
I have never experienced anything remotely close to the suffering that Wiesel describes in this horrifying account. At times, Wiesel himself questioned the very existence of a seemingly absent God. Perhaps, rightly so.

Then I consider the suffering of Christians in North America. No, wait. Did I say suffering? Oh. Does that happen here? I don't think I've seen suffering here.

I've seen Christians who THINK they are suffering. (Not physically, of course. Not like how Wiesel was beaten and left for dead - on a daily basis. THAT would never happen here. This is North America, after all!) Our suffering is more... well... delusional. Yet, very powerful!

Yes! I see people losing incentive to keep their faith all the time because of their... suffering.

Okay, so it's not REALLY suffering. I am sure that there are North American Christians that DO suffer because of their faith, but I've never actually met one. Not really. And yet, we still seem to use "suffering" as the excuse to open ourselves to death and doubt all the time.


Enough diversion for one day. I guess if you're REALLY a person of faith then you can't escape it. No matter WHAT you're reading.
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2:17 AM

Hearing torture stories from the Holocaust will almost always silence a room full of people-probably because no one could imagine personally experiencng the brutality that took place.

But hearing of his immoveable faith in God through it all puts things into perspective for me, anyway;
the sobering reality of extreme/real persecution vs. petty "opposition" (while we indulge in needless self pity), here in our blessed land of opportunities & freedom. Freedom that is not only physical, but that exists in Christ...

No doubt that man has endless storehouses of treasures in heaven...

thanks for the wake up call Paul:)

Galations 5:1 "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free..."    

2:24 AM

Took ya long enough to post something :D..

But I agree disilusion is very strong in a lot of peoples lives.    

8:33 AM

Hey I blogged about this book a few weeks back - wow eh what can you say in responce to some of the things he writes?    

10:16 PM

"I guess if you're REALLY a person of faith then you can't escape it. No matter WHAT you're reading."

amen to that.


4:18 AM

"But as soon as he felt the first chinks in his faith, he lost all incentive to fight and opened the door to death."

What kind of death was he referring to ..physical death or eternal death?    

10:11 AM

I came to the same conclusion after reading DC Talk's book (the 1st one) JESUS FREAKS - book of Martyrs... that book changed my life.. it forced me to ask the question - is my faith as valuable to me as it was for them? If not WHY? Afterall.. Christ died so I could know have it! My excuses became very petty after that. Thanks for Sharin Paul!    

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