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Everything Changes

The more messed up this world gets, the more God makes sense.

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8:06 PM

Go Ghana Go!

A Canadian and an American just had a soccer war about the Ghanaian and Brazillian national team. Shouldn't the world be imploding now or something???    

11:33 PM

Now all you need are the blue shorts to be .... "complete"!

8:28 AM

Andrea you never comment on my blog.. Your so mean! :(. I hate soccer. Let the hate mail begin :D    

7:44 PM

Australia has made it through to the round of 16 which is very exciting since we have never been there before!    

12:50 AM

That's awesome Susan! (But Brazil is going to win, you know...)


4:30 AM

btw Paul, did you finish reading Blue Like Jazz? I just read the chapter on Grace. Wow!    

10:59 AM

Yes, Susan - I finished it a couple of weeks ago. It was a good book - very real. I enjoyed it!    

10:47 PM

Common Paul! Its been 5 days since you updated the blog :D. I look forward to reading your blog... :(    

2:10 PM

Ah they won. Ghana is gone...a.

I'll jump the Brazil train.    

10:56 PM

Brazil! Brazil! Brazil!    

6:38 PM

Well...there's always Italy!    

1:30 PM


Go... Italy?!    

5:56 AM

I have this theory that you once your team is out you should barrack for the team that beat you. This way if they win the final you can say, my team lost to the winner which sounds like you came second, even if you didn't :)

Go Italy!    

1:16 PM

they lost?? I'm so out of the loop here in the great North :-P    

7:43 PM

Vive La France !    

3:39 AM

Hey my team lost to the winner :)    

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