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Everything Changes

The more messed up this world gets, the more God makes sense.

The Sandwiches

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

While walking my dog Rusty last week he stopped near a large rock outside our yard and was sniffing intently. Usually I simply tell him to "Come on!" and we proceed with the walk. But that day was different. He was determined to uncover something beneath the pile of leaves that were gathered around the rock.

At first I assumed it was probably the aroma of a previous suitor that may have christened the rock by lifting a leg. As gross as that sounds, it is a very common dog occurrence. Probably fueled by the same need to sniff each other's backsides when meeting.

Then I thought, "Maybe Rusty has discovered a treasure buried in the leaves!" But no. It was sandwiches. Two, to be specific, both sealed in separate Ziploc sandwich bags. Strange. Sure, the rock is located on a common path used by children commuting to school, but why bury two sandwiches?

I didn't think much more about it as I decided to throw the sandwiches over the fence of my yard so I could discard them once our walk was complete.

Until the next day. Two more sandwiches, buried in the leaves! Who is doing this? And why don't they want their delicious looking lunch? Are they storing up for winter? Or just not wanting "mom" to discover that that didn't eat her labor of love at school!

So I threw away those sandwiches also. Only to find two more the next day! And after a weekend of NO sandwiches, I found a total of four additional sandwiches buried in the leaves over the last two days! This is getting crazy! And what am I to do? Set up a camera to catch the culprit? Notify the local public school? Go door-to-door and ask, "Did you make these sandwiches?"

Maybe they are manna from heaven. Probably not.

As of last evening I have discovered TEN sandwiches just over my fence, near the large rock surrounded by leaves, and I honestly don't know what to do about it.