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Everything Changes

The more messed up this world gets, the more God makes sense.

Jesus Saves

Friday, May 30, 2008


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Saturday, May 10, 2008

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Family Guy

Wednesday, May 07, 2008
No, Family Guy... YOU SUCK!
'Family Guy' crossed the line

By Amber Dowling

An otherwise funny 'Family Guy' finale went too far with Michael J. Fox joke.

In poor taste: Michael J. Fox’s scribbled Zorro tagline was crossing the line, in my opinion. The actor’s been pretty brave and upfront about his battle with Parkinson’s and the joke was too much, even for Family Guy.

[ Shaking my head ]

I am so disgusted. Not to mention furious! How far will we allow the media to go? What will it take to stop this crap?!

BOTH of my parents SUFFER from Parkinson's disease. Enough said.

I never watch Family Guy and never will. As far as I'm concerned an apology is in order from 20th Century Fox and the creators of Family Guy - to Michael J. Fox, to the Parkinson's Associations around the world and to every person who suffers with this horrible debilitating disease on a daily basis.

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Dirty Technology

Saturday, May 03, 2008
I'm goin' oldschool.

A year ago I replaced all of my incandescent light bulbs with trendy, "energy saving" compact fluorescent bulbs. Figured I'd jump on the consumer bandwagon, save some money and help the environment.


Six months ago I picked up a new 5.8Ghz cordless phone. After all, it is better than my corded phone and has "exceptional quality and reception".

Wrong again.

I also use a cell phone, like most of the world nowadays. Yeah, we've all heard that cell phones are bad for your brain cells but that hasn't made any of us stop using them. At least now with cell phone texting the phone stays farther away from our head most of the time.

Environmental responsibility, energy savings and convenience. Three things that are saving the planet and killing the people who live on it.

Welcome, once again, to the power and persuasion of our media, consumer driven, world.

Recently is was discovered that dirty electricity is making people sick. Poisoning them even. "Energy saving" compact fluorescent bulbs were tested and found to be producing high levels of radio frequency radiation.
50% of the total population are expected to be electrosensitive by year 2017.

[ Dr. Olie Johansson ]

In socialized Canada they will eventually force us to stop using incandescent bulbs. In the meantime you can buy three 60W incandescents for $.58 at Walmart. The "energy saving" compact fluorescent bulbs will cost you 20 times that amount. Twenty times. LOADS of savings.

On a recent television news report they interviewed two people that were sick and experiencing arthritic symptoms. They discovered that their new "energy saving" compact fluorescent bulbs were to blame. After replacing their new bulbs with oldschool incandescent ones they were feeling better within two days.

Pharmaceutical companies MUST be manufacturing these new bulbs. And maybe cordless phones too?
DECT (Digitally Enhanced Cordless Technology) has been incorporated into many new cordless phones (and some models of baby monitors) by manufacturers such as Panasonic, GE, Motorola and V-Tech. These phones have become very popular in the last few years because they are very powerful providing clearer reception. If you've purchased a new 2.4 GHz or 5.8 Ghz cordless phone recently you may very well own a phone that uses new high-powered DECT technology. DECT technology is "always on" and produce a very strong radiation field, similar to that of a cell phone tower -- even when not in use and just sitting idle in the cradle.

[ EMF Solutions Canada ]

Baby monitors even. BABY MONITORS!


I struggled all winter with aches, pains and depression. Last week I went to Walmart and picked up some incandescent bulbs to replace my "energy saving" compact fluorescent bulbs. I can't tell you how much better I have felt (physically) since then.

I also visited Value Village yesterday to pick up an oldschool corded phone. Works wonderfully. If you are interested in a high-powered 5.8 Ghz cordless phone I have one for sale.

And, oh yeah. I'll keep my cell phone, for now. But only because it has a loudspeaker option that allows me to make calls without putting the phone near my brain.